Experimental stereo analog synthesizer, effect processor and sync unit with FM/AM/SW radio.


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The BEATS FM is a project that started in 2020 and has gone through 4 revisions. It’s an experimental all-in-one stereo synthesizer and processor, with a warm analog sound and many sync options. Complete analog audio path with the addition of a digital delay. Designed for experimenting with new sounds and noise textures with several modulating and processing power. The equivalent of 8 modules enclosed in a high-quality case made from wood and aluminum.


  • 1 x wide band FM/AM/SW radio with LFO modulated tuner knob
  • 2 x self-oscillating analog 4-pole low-pass filter (clones of CEM3320, the chip used in the Prophet 5) with LFO modulation
  • 4 seconds of stereo digital delay with feedback, sync, tone control and panning with LFO modulation
  • 1 x LFO with 16 different “bendable” waveforms with polarity and multiplier (up to 200Hz in quad-wave mode)
  • Sync unit to sync the LFO to: 1-audio click track, 2-analog clock, 3-tap tempo
  • 2 x analog 2-pole high-pass filter
  • Stereo external input with overdrive
  • Effects mixer

The BEATS FM is designed and manufactured in Torino, Italy.

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